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An ideal team, an analytical mindset, the ability to take risks, an innovative approach, hard work and a share of luck-this is how one of the richest people in the world, Bill Gates, described the factors that influence business success. Kazakh businessman Rakishev Kenes is following his example. A person who brought fame to the Republic of Kazakhstan in the world of big business.

On the eve it became known that Kenes Rakishev will restart the Vitino seaport in exactly a year. The ice-free seaport «Vitino» in the Murmansk region, owned by Kazakh entrepreneur Kenes Rakishev through BTA Bank, can resume cargo transshipment, which was interrupted in 2014. Representatives of the company informed the State Administration of seaports of the Western Arctic about their intention to resume transshipment of oil cargo through Vitino. The start of operations is scheduled for the first quarter of 2020.

Kenes Rakishev notes that the port of Vitino is one of the most attractive objects for co-investment that are on the balance sheet of BTA Bank owned by him. «Many oil companies have become interested in port complexes located in Russia and capable of sending cargo all year round. We are discussing a strategic partnership with the oil trader Gunvor on the port issue. The company has already expressed its readiness to send volumes through Vitino starting next year, » notes Kenes Rakishev, the owner of BTA.

According to Kenes Rakishev, in 2019, the repair work necessary to prepare the port for restart should begin in order to start work in 2020. The company has already started preparatory work related to obtaining licenses and other permits for the implementation of port activities. Rakishev is a businessman who sees Kazakhstan as strong and prosperous, so he actively invests in its future.

What belongs to Kenes Rakishev and how he conducts business

A feature of doing business on the part of Kenes Rakishev is generally considered to be a non-standard approach to investment. Most experts firmly believe that Mr. Rakishev is helped by a whole structure of advisers and various kinds of analysts who track not so much the trends of today in big business as futures trends. This, according to authoritative publications, gives Rakishev Kenes Khamitovich opportunities for the development of various areas in investing. However, it is not possible to know exactly how many analysts are involved in projects funded by Rakishev. Only one thing is clear — this is a pro with a capital letter. Since even the most risky startups of Kenes Rakishev are mostly profitable, and the unprofitable ones are more than covered by successful ones.

Not so long ago, the businessman also spoke about how his venture business is structured. Kenes Rakishev’s interests are represented by two funds — Singulariteam 1 and Singulariteam 2, which invest in 40-50 companies, mainly in Israel.

In addition to business activities, Kenes Rakishev actively participates in the public life of Kazakhstan, regularly financing and personally taking part in projects aimed at supporting Kazakhstan, helping his fellow citizens and helping young minds to implement their promising ideas.

The list of social projects in which the Kazakh businessman participated is incredibly large, we have given only a few: Assistance to the Nauryzbay district – financial assistance was provided to disabled people and large families affected by the mudslide. School in Nauryzbay district – investing your own finances in the construction of a school for two hundred students. Kenes Rakishev sponsored the construction of the school «Taiburyl» Scholarship-a scholarship for outstanding students with the most progressive ideas.

Kenes Rakishev’s Center for Fintech Startups is an organization that provides assistance to young fintech startups. On the basis of this center, they will be able to implement their ideas without wasting energy on accounting, legal aspects and other similar issues that are dealt with free of charge in this center. The businessman is engaged in the popularization of sports in Kazakhstan. Support for sports is the financing of tournaments of various sports and Rakishev’s active personal participation in the sports life of the country. Kenes is married to a well-known businessman and philanthropist Asel Tasmagambetova, they raise two sons: Dinmukhamed and Nuriddin Rakishev.

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