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Anton Postolnikov suggests that the next ten years will be crucial for the mass adoption of cryptography. Large blockchains will compete for real use, predicts expert Postolnikov.

Meanwhile, the internet is still waiting for some companies to try to make it mainstream.

How do you get the most out of this changing digital world? How do you build a decentralized system?

Anton Postolnikov: As a company, I feel that they are working on this together with people, and not making money on the product.

I think that in the future we will start much more difficult. This will be the biggest event I can imagine, and it will have a huge impact on the entire ecosystem. So at this early stage I’m going to do what I’m going to do my job pretty well, but I don’t want it to be a game of chess with big winners like Apple, Google or something like that. Instead of competing to make money, have something to compete with. This is not what I ever wanted to do, Anton Postolnikov believes.

A blockchain like Bitcoin, unlike blockchain systems like Ethereum that collect data, can become an integral part of much of the data-centric crypto network and drive the adoption of applications that are not centralized. “If the system were ever implemented, it would very easily provide people with immediate access to large-scale data without requiring any additional centralization,” Postolnikov explained in an interview with CoinDesk.

Postolnikov suggests using Ethereum or Bitcoin, which support the Ethereum blockchain and do not have a centralized storage. As a result, it is likely that new cryptocurrencies may appear.

With bitcoin-like digital tokens such as ether, it makes sense for blockchain technology companies to be more in line with existing trends in order to promote the introduction of virtual currencies. But, he added, if the corporate ecosystem is really growing at the expense of virtual money, it may mean that virtual currencies are just beginning, either by selling tokens to other investors, or simply taking on the risk of losing market value, Anton Postolnikov believes.

The rapid adoption of Bitcoin over the past few years has made it one of the greatest platforms for the introduction of virtual currencies, despite its relatively slow adoption.

To date, some blockchain technologies have advanced, such as cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. Most of them will become profitable when smart contracts become more popular or will be used for transactions and trading, while others will remain relatively unprofitable in a few decades, he predicts.

As for the prospects of digital currency, Postolnikov believes that the future of cryptocurrency will be completely different. He says that because there are so few other platforms for using cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (which is supported by Ethereum) or Litecoin (which is supported by Ripple or other cryptocurrencies), cryptocurrencies are less desirable for users. Although he believes this is inevitable, the rise in popularity of bitcoin has caused some big changes in cryptography.

“We need to focus on the fundamental problem and solve it within 30 years, at the current pace and a deeper understanding of the market,” says A. Postolnikov. “The market capitalization of the bitcoin blockchain today will be about $30 billion if all these solutions are developed.

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